Keeping in touch with customers and handling payments smoothly is crucial for any business. These two areas can make or break any business, and it can be difficult to effectively manage both. Luckily, there are software solutions that can help you efficiently manage your accounts receivable and effectively engage with your customers. Below, we’ll walk you through how to find the ideal texting and payments solution for your business. Let’s dive in! 

Flexible & Frictionless Payments 

Finances can quickly become complicated, especially as you expand your business. When considering a platform’s payment features, one of the first things you should look for is the payment methods it offers. 

With contactless payment options becoming essential, it’s important that the solution you choose allows customers to easily make payments from their mobile device. Flexibility is king with consumers, so make sure your business remains flexible with the financial options you make available to your customers. 

Xipster allows you to get paid fast, allowing customers to pay how they want and when they want — whether that’s with recurring payments, partial payments or one single transaction — all from their own device. 

Effective SMS Marketing & Communication 

Did you know that SMS is the most effective way of communicating with customers today? Boasting a 98% open rate, communicating via SMS instead of email ensures your customers are reading your messages. 

But not all texting solutions are created equal. You want a solution that offers simple two-way messaging, SMS and MMS capabilities, an easy-to-manage contact database and an accessible conversation history. 

Xipster makes it easy to communicate with your customers over text messaging from anywhere. Even more, you can easily schedule SMS marketing campaigns to reach all of your existing and potential customers instantly. 

Ease of Use & Accessibility 

Convenience has become integral to building customer loyalty. So, you want to choose a texting and payments solution that makes it easy and accessible for your customers to make payments and communicate with you. You also want to make sure it’s easy.

Look for a solution with easy onboarding and a user-friendly interface. A unified dashboard that is accessible from anywhere will make it easy to utilize its features no matter where the job takes you. 

In addition to this, Xipster offers advanced features such as templates that make it easy to send messages and payment requests as soon as possible, and accounting integrations that reduces repetitive tasks and keeps all your financial information in sync. 

Reporting & Analytics 

It’s important to regularly assess your performance with analytics and advanced reporting features. That’s why the Xipster Dashboard allows you to see your most important statistics at a glance. If you need to dive deeper, visit the “Reports” tab for real-time analytics of your business’ payments and communication.  

Empower Your Business with Xipster 

Now that you know what makes the best texting and payment solution, you want to look for solutions that offer all of these features and more. You shouldn’t settle for the minimum. 

Xipster is the fastest way for your business to get paid. In addition to powerful B2B financial features, Xipster equips your business with a frictionless mobile payment system with several options including partial and recurring payments. 

As for communication features, Xipster empowers your brand with everything you need to effectively communicate with your customers. Easily create and schedule SMS marketing campaigns and automate the personalization of your messages. 

With Xipster, connecting with your customers has never been easier. Click here to try out Xipster’s texting and payments features for free for 14 days.