Seamlessly integrate your accounting platform with Xipster

Elevate your accounting practices with Xipster’s advanced integration capabilities.

Connect your existing accounting platform, including QuickBooks and Xero, to leverage historical data and drive sales through personalized communication.

Seamlessly Integrate Your Accounting Platform with Xipster

Xipster Integrations

Your gateway to growth and efficiency

No matter how you use your Accounting platform, Xipster helps you grow

Decrease Manual Workload

Improve processes like linking payment to invoices and estimates in QuickBooks, reducing manual efforts

Increase Cost Savings

Streamline your financial operations with frictionless integration, leading to significant cost reductions

Enhanced Automation

Automate repetitive tasks, including QuickBooks invoice payment links and Xero payment links, for improved efficiency

Reduce Repetitive Tasks

Minimize time spent on repetitive financial processes with direct payment links in QuickBooks and Xero

Frictionless integration with leading accounting software

Xipster integrates with leading accounting software

QuickBooks Integration

 Harness the power of QuickBooks for comprehensive accounting and finance management. Whether you’re using the web or desktop version, Xipster’s integration facilitates linking bill payments and invoice payments directly with QuickBooks.

Xero Integration

Seamlessly integrate payments with Xero accounting, enhancing your financial operations with efficient payment links.

Seamlessly integrate with Xipster

Easily integrate your accounting software with Xipster, or contact our team to use our secure API