Build an SMS marketing campaign for higher engagement and revenue

Utilize automated text campaigns to inform customers about product launches, sales and news, ensuring high delivery and click-through rates 

Xipster campaigns let you text your customers

Capture customer attention

SMS marketing is a highly effective way to connect with customers and capture their attention at every stage — from the initial campaign message to the final transaction

Campaigns capture attention

Effortlessly execute marketing campaigns with unparalleled results

Achieve personalization through tailored and targeted outreach — a key strategy in SMS business marketing to boost customer engagement and revenue

Sales Promotion

Deliver timely sales offers with promo codes or links to dedicated sales landing pages, driving revenue through effective text campaigns for businesses

New Product Launch

Use SMS marketing campaigns to promote new products or services to both new and existing customers, increasing awareness and traffic


Ensure vital information reaches the right audience, driving loyalty and engagement — a crucial aspect of a successful business texting platform

Grow Your Customer List

Expand your subscriber base and engage with recipients to grow your audience, leveraging the capabilities of business texting software

Campaigns built with compliance in mind

Xipster ensures compliance in your SMS marketing campaigns

Grow your sales with campaigns

Maximize the high click-through rates of SMS payment link generators and mobile payment processors to drive traffic and boost sales