Xipster is the right online payment solution for any business

Whether you’re in retail, healthcare, field service or any other sector, Xipster’s online payment system and text marketing capabilities are designed to help you grow revenue
Xipster is the Right Online Payment Solution for Any Business​

Maximize efficiency with Xipster's online payment system

Enhance your business operations with Xipster: From generating payment links online to elevating customer communications via text or email — discover your ultimate business payment solution

Flex to Client Needs

Enable easy mobile payments, enhancing customer satisfaction with recurring payment processing and accepting payments online

Access Dynamic Analytics

Utilize Xipster's analytics to gain insights into customer behaviour and preferences, enhancing your communication for business

Collect Payments Securely

Leverage Xipster's secure online payment system —safeguarding sensitive information and reducing fraud risks

Increase Client Loyalty

Foster personal connections with customers using personalized text marketing, boosting loyalty and repeat business

Improve Response Time

Efficiently manage customer communications, reducing response times and enhancing service quality

Save Marketing Dollars

Opt for cost-effective text marketing campaigns and SMS marketing campaigns, saving on traditional communication methods

Manufacturing & Construction

Control cash flow and budget effectively with Xipster’s financial reporting tools, integrating invoice automation software

Xipster Manufacturing Industry

Professional Services

Grow your customer base with easy text marketing campaigns, enhancing client communication

Education Services

Securely collect payments with payment links, ensuring timely transactions and reducing late payments

Health Practice Management

Engage patients effectively, using their preferred communication methods for appointments and reminders


Automate manual tasks related to payment processing, focusing more on client interactions and less on backend processes

Use Xipster for payments for your retail business
Xipster Field Services Industry

Field Services, Maintenance & HVAC

Efficiently collect payments, provide professional quotes and keep customers informed with timely updates

Get your business moving faster

Xipster is a comprehensive solution for digitizing payment and communication workflows, making your business agile and competitive

Grow your business, not your task list

Accelerate payment collection, automate routine tasks and reduce overhead with Xipster, focusing your team on delivering superior customer experiences

Get paid faster with Xipster

Empower your team to collect payments efficiently in the channel customers prefer, integrating seamlessly with your merchant account for online payments