All-in-one cloud-based payments platform with enhanced text marketing

Xipster’s single sign-on dashboard integrates text marketing and online payment systems, offering a comprehensive solution for your team to manage conversations, generate payment links, build estimates and much more — all from one centralized dashboard

Xipster's all-in-one cloud-based dashboard

Xipster Dashboard: Your Payment Hub

Use the Xipster dashboard for efficient customer management and online payment systems

Stay On Top of All Sales

Experience the convenience of our Notification and Management Hub. Stay updated with dashboard and email notifications for new messages, received payments and estimates.

Efficient Accounts Receivable Management

Admin users can effortlessly customize your Business Profile, enhancing your accounts payable services and improving the accounts payable process.

User Access Security

Configure user access to ensure security, especially when dealing with sensitive tasks like the best way to pay contractors or managing paperless accounts payable

Unlimited customers for effective customer communication management

Xipster Unlimited Customers

Connect your team for enhanced communication with clients

Xipster’s Internal Team Chat feature fosters efficient communication with clients. Create Team Chats for inclusive company conversations.

Manage multiple locations

Easily manage multiple locations with the same powerful communication tools. Our group view feature is ideal for businesses looking to compare location activity and performance effortlessly.

Easily track your payments

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