Enhance Your Business with Branded Digital Estimates

Quickly elevate your business’s efficiency and customer engagement by sending professional, branded estimates directly to your clients’ mobile devices.

Enhance these estimates with clear, detailed photos and videos for added clarity and impact. This streamlined approach not only boosts your brand’s image but also accelerates the payment process.

Xipster Estimates
Xipster Estimates

Send Professional, Trackable Estimates via Text or Email

Elevate your client engagement by sending professional, trackable estimates through text or email.

These digital estimates, customized with your logo, empower clients to review and approve your products or services from any device, anywhere. This accessibility significantly enhances the potential for increased sales and customer satisfaction.

Built-in Estimate Generator for an Enhanced Sales Experience

Instant Notification for Approval

Receive immediate on-screen notifications when estimates are returned to you

Attach Rich Media to Estimates

Boost transparency and approval rates by attaching videos and images to your estimates

Advanced Tracking & Reporting

Efficiently store and access all estimate details and approvals for easy retrieval

Enhanced Customer Approval

Increased security with two-step authentication, confirming customer consent and approval

Effortless Quoting and Payment Collection

Xipster Estimates

Customized Estimate Solutions with Xipster

Xipster Estimate Templates
Efficient Online Payment Systems with Xipster Estimate Templates

Leverage our pre-built templates to ensure consistent, professional estimates across your team and streamline your online payment system. Designed to include comprehensive descriptions and accurate pricing

Xipster Estimate Approvals
Flexible Recurring Billing Processing with Approvals

Whether you’re in the retail or service industry, our system allows for estimates that cater to your specific needs. Display detailed breakdowns of quantities, hours, and prices, or parts, labour and costs — ideal for businesses with recurring billing processing needs.

Personalized Estimates for Enhanced Customer Engagement

Generate personalized, trackable estimates directly from customer profiles, pre-filled with essential details and integrated seamlessly with your merchant account services, ensuring a smooth payment processing experience.

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