All-in-one cloud-based platform

Xipster’s single sign-on dashboard allows your team to view all their conversations, send and track payments, build estimates, receive notifications, check reporting stats and so much more — all from one location

Xipster Dashboard

Notification and Management Hub


Receive dashboard and email notifications for new messages, when payments and estimates have been received and more

Profile Management

Admin users can easily customize your Business Profile’s logo and hours, view account details, usage and invoicing right from your Account page

User Access Security

Each user can be given access to all features, or can be limited to specific functions based on their role in your company

Use the Xipster dashboard to easily manage customers and your business

Unlimited Customers

Xipster Unlimited Customers

Connect Your Team

Internal Team Chat allows all team members to communicate with the click of a button. Create Team Chats to include multiple users so everyone can take part in all of the important company conversations.

Dynamic Reporting

Xipster Reporting

Manage Multiple Locations

Sign up multiple locations so all your buuisnesses or divisions have the same powerful communication tools. Our group view allows dedicated team members to easily see and compare all location activity and performance at a glance.

Easily track your payments and communications

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