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Xipster equips your business with everything you need to operate efficiently and grow exponentially, built on effortless payments and effective communication

Xipster Who We Are

Xipster is powered by VenueVision®, an Integrated Solutions provider of payment and customer engagement software

20+ Years Expertise

VenueVision has diverse platform expertise in mobile payment and SMS engagement software development spanning over 20 years

1000+Business Customers

VenueVision provides software and digital solutions for thousands of users across Canada and the U.S., specializing in online payment software and text marketing

Strategic Partners with Global Companies

VenueVision has established and continues to build long-standing strategic partnerships with national and global companies

Our Values

Always Learning

We are always improving, encouraging our employees to explore new ideas and technologies in the realm of global payments and customer engagement


We dream big and aim to solve the hardest problems — ones that pull future technology into today, particularly in secure payment links and digital solutions


We value new ideas, using the latest technologies to deliver exceptional solutions in payment processing and customer communication


We operate with honesty, transparency and ethical behaviour in all aspects of our business, ensuring secure payments and trustworthy services


We foster personal and professional growth in team training, education and development, focusing on the evolving landscape of online payment systems

Prioritizing People

We prioritize the well-being and success of our employees, customers and partners, understanding the importance of reliable payment solutions in their success


We constantly strive for excellence and are dedicated to exceeding customer expectations in payment processing and SMS marketing


We foster strength and resilience, empowering our employees and clients to be confident in their work with robust payment systems and customer engagement tools

More Than Just Payments and Communication

After helping companies deliver exceptional customer experiences for more than two decades, VenueVision created Xipster to equip merchants in any industry with frictionless payments and effective communication so they can focus on what matters most

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