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Offer a personalized experience for your customers by reaching out to them through the only channel with a 98% open rate

Xipster Text Communication


Customers want to communicate with businesses via two-way messaging, and Xipster allows your team to send text messages seamlessly while viewing all your conversations and more in a centralized dashboard


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91% of consumers are interested in receiving texts from businesses

Attentive Mobile Consumer Report

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of texts

95% of texts are read and responded to within 3 minutes of being received

Statista Report 2023

Turn conversations into revenue and boost your brand

Communicate with customers through their preferred channel while offering them so much more to create a personalized customer experience

Xipster Communication

Customized Templates

Your team can build unlimited, customized templates for messages you use frequently, saving time, reducing key stroke errors and maintaining the same professionalism no matter who sends the message

We make communication intuitive and easy-to-use

Attach Media

Attach images, videos or PDFs to any text message and send directly to a customer's mobile device

Conversation History

All conversation history is stored, searchable and downloadable displaying full content with date and time

Multi-Language Translation

Type and translate any outgoing message, or translate incoming text to a preferred language

New Message Alerts

Receive alerts for unread text messages or mark unread to follow-up so you never miss incoming communications

Shared Visibility

Monitor all conversations with clients from one centralized inbox that is accessible from any device

Usage Statistics

Easily view your usage and activity, see what days and which team members are more active

Improve your customer communications with Xipster

Communicate with customers in their preferred channel and get faster replies