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Integrate your accounting platform, ecosystem and historical data with Xipster to send highly personalized email and SMS that drive sales.

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No matter which accounting platform you use, Xipster helps you grow.

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By pulling real-time and historical data from your ecommerce platform and tech stack into our customer data platform, Xipster helps you understand your customers better. Create segments, build campaigns and launch automations that drive revenue and retention.

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Best known for its advanced accounting and finance tools. Available in web and desktop-based versions for businesses of all sizes.


Offers a powerful, easy-to-use interface to help small and medium-sized businesses better run their businesses with advanced accounting tools.


QuickBooks is the market-leading accounting software for businesses in 2023. Whether you want an upgrade from manual bookkeeping, need industry-specific accounting features and unlimited billing, time-tracking capabilities or simplified tax processing, QuickBooks offers a complete product suite at affordable price plans.


Xero is an entirely cloud-based accounting software built to support small businesses, accountants and bookkeepers. It has tools for any business and industry at every price plan. Xero allows for cash-based and accrual accounting systems and adheres to IFRS, so it is perfect for companies outside North America.

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