Xipster is the right tool for any business

Xipster is an indispensable tool for all businesses — in all industries — looking to increase efficiency and productivity with its versatility and ease-of-use

Xipster Industries

Whatever you do, Xipster is built to help you do it better

Access Dynamic Analytics

Gather valuable data and insights into your customer behaviour, preferences and satisfaction

Collect Payments Securely

Utilize secure payment gateways to protect sensitive information, reducing the risk of fraud and data breaches

Save Marketing Dollars

Text messaging is a cost-effective communication channel compared to phone calls, emails or snail mail

Increase Client Loyalty

Build a more personal and interactive relationship with your customers to increase loyalty and repeat business

Flex to Client Needs

Allow your customers to make payments quickly and easily from their mobile phones leading to increased customer satisfaction

Improve Response Time

Manage your customer communication more efficiently, reducing the time required to respond and resolve issues


Take control of your cash flow and stay on budget with Xipster’s powerful financial reporting tools

Xipster Manufacturing Industry


Communicate with your customers and grow your customer base with easy text marketing campaigns


Use secure payment links and scheduled transactions to securely collect payments from parents — no more late payments or missing cash


Delight your patients and keep your schedule full by communicating with clients in their preferred method


Automate your time-consuming manual tasks, reducing busy work so you can spend more time with your clients

Xipster Hospitality Industry
Xipster Field Services Industry


Collect payments, provide professional quotes for services and keep customers engaged with time-sensitive information

Get your business moving faster

We created a one-stop solution for digitizing payment and communication workflows so you can be agile, efficient and competitive in today’s fast-paced market

Grow your business, not your task list

Get paid faster, automate routine tasks and cut overhead so you can keep your team focused on delivering a better customer experience

Get paid faster with Xipster

Xipster empowers your team to collect payments in the channel customers prefer most