Leave manual, time-consuming B2B payments behind

Xipster B2B is an extension of your AP and AR team, streamlining payments with enhanced security and cost savings. We help you manage vendors, ensure on-time payments and provide support, freeing your team for more strategic pursuits.

One platform for all your billing and payments

Accounts Payable

Simple and secure solution making the Accounts Payable processes efficient by eliminating tedious and manual tasks, allowing businesses to focus on higher value work to grow their business.

Accounts Receivable

Collect one-off payments or recurring payments from clients with Xipster’s Accounts Receivable software, giving businesses the range of secure payment options needed while getting paid faster!

Processing Payments with Xipster for AP & AR means:


Cash Flow Visibility



Increased Revenue

Accounting & Integration

Make sending and tracking payments a breeze by connecting to your accounting software like QuickBooks or Xero.

How Xipster works with QuickBooks:

Step 1

Search existing open invoices in Xipster and create a transaction.

Step 2

View and attach invoice copy.

Step 3

Xipster creates a payment link.

Step 4

Xipster updates the invoice status in QuickBooks with a reference number.

Step 5

Reconcile your records in QuickBooks.

Automating accounts payable and accounts receivable means

Improving your financial management processes, reduce the risk of errors, enhancing data accuracy, and free up your staff’s time for other tasks.

Increased Efficiency

Process transactions much faster and more accurately than manual systems, reducing the time and effort required for manual data entry, reconciliation, and other manual processes.

Improved Cash Flow Management

Effectively track and manage your cash flow, including generating invoices, reconciling payments and following up on overdue accounts.

Enhanced Data Accuracy

Reduce the risk of errors that can occur with manual data entry, providing your business with more accurate and up-to-date financial information.

Better Reporting and Analytics

Automated systems can generate detailed reports and analytics on your financial performance, allowing you to make informed decisions based on real-time data.

Better Vendor Relationships

Streamline the payment process, reducing the risk of missed or late payments, and helping SMEs to maintain positive relationships with their suppliers.

Reduced Costs

Reduce the costs associated with manual processes, such as the cost of paper and printing, postage, and staff time.

Batch Payment Requests

Receivables for credit card transactions.

How Batch Payments Requests with Xipster works:

Step 1

Easily connect with QuickBooks or Xero.

Step 2

Create batch payment requests and allow for minimum partial payments.

Step 3

Attach payment link, invoice or statement with each transaction.

Step 4

Send to customers by SMS or email.

Step 5

Track status and outcomes of batch transactions.

Step 6

Enjoy user-based security and protection.

Don't have QuickBooks? Not to worry. You can easily import receivables.

Recurring Billing

Fully automate your recurring payments process.
Our simple interface will have you building your revenue stream in no time.


Benefits of EFT Payments

Reduce workload
by 80%

Prevents onboarding mistakes and avoids endless back-and-forth

Better management of risk with role-based approvals

Pay By Link

Benefits of Paying By Link:

Increase your payments speed by 70%

Allow customers to choose the payment method they prefer, removing obstacles and speeding up the payment process

Reduce Day Sales Outstanding and get paid faster

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